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Did you know: People today use the internet like they used to use a phone book?

Sell Your Products Online!

Did you know: E-commerce spending is increasing every year.

Websites Starting at $499

Did you know: A business website gives your business legitimacy and an additional marketing channel?

Take Control of Your Small Business’ Future

Today’s world is digital, mobile, fast paced, and always changing. Small businesses are faced with the reality that older methods of marketing just don’t bring the business that they use to. In today’s digital age, when a customer needs to find a service or product they just search the web.  Without a solid digital footprint that can be found easily, many small businesses are simply overlooked.  Three Fires Digital is here to help your small business get on track in today’s market.

We help you open up new possibilities for your small business such as:

  • Helping potential customers find you and what your small business is about by searching the web via search engine optimization of your website
  • Create a store on your website to make online sales with eCommerce & Shopping Carts, empowering you to manage your own products and eliminate 3rd party websites that cost you more money.
  • Keep your target market up to date on  the new and exciting developments in your company with the ability to manage your own content
  • Give your customers an easy way to stay in contact with you and do it within your budget.

Why You Should Go Digital

It’s clear that having a website in today’s market is essential, but large marketing and development companies can be extremely expensive to hire.  As a small business owner, it’s not financially feasible to invest tens of thousands of dollars into a big website.

This is where Three Fires Digital can help you and your small business.  We ourselves are a small business from a small town in the North that watched business after business collapse under the pressure of the changing market.  Now more small businesses are at risk with the threat of losing all or almost all of their business to online sellers.

We are located in Michigan and would love to help you get your web presence to the level you need and stay within your budget.

Now, there is always the option of building your own website using one of the many free website builder programs, but they are very time consuming to learn and you have a business to run! Some of these builders are better than others but they all leave you with a run of the mill website that looks like everyone else’s. Most lack the ability to change even the simplest styling beyond drag and drop images.

We can help with that and give you the flexibility that you want in your website so that you can easily manage your website content.  Your website can often be the first impression you make on a prospective client and it is paramount to communicate both visually and textually what makes your company different.

Let us help you STAND OUT from the crowd!

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